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Your Business Need
Does it feel like every time you turn around more is being asked of your medical clinic that has less and less to do with actually treating your patients?  With near constant updates of regulations and reporting requirements, the pressure is on you to purchase, maintain, and upgrade a myriad of hardware and software.  

Additionally, you’re feeling the crunch to hire, train, and retain the appropriate staff to support this ever-changing and growing network.  This all becomes a costly and time-consuming challenge that doesn’t even directly involve caring for your patients.
Our Innovative Solution
Let us take on the challenge for you! At Imspro we can take care of the sometimes overwhelming technology needs that your office requires.  We can become your network solution leaving you with just your daily business to manage. You can bundle our services or just pick one to best fit your professional needs and leave the IT work to us.

Cloud Services
Don’t want to purchase or maintain pricey hardware? Our Cloud Services is your answer. Minimize IT costs for equipment, maintenance, licensing, and staff by utilizing our secure servers located in our data center. Imspro is partnered with VMWare for efficient virtualization of server needs to handle any platform, software package, or service. All server patches, security updates, software updates, platform updates/upgrades are handled for

Server & Network Solutions
Want to keep your own servers on-site? No problem!  Imspro can remotely manage and monitor your on-site servers. Our team will handle group policies, security policies, virus protection, Microsoft Updates, and more. We will also help administer your Network hardware to keep you connected to your data.  Details include troubleshooting network connections and more.

Desktop Support
Imspro has a dedicated team committed to keeping your business moving without interruptions. With additional services such as Desktop Support, there is no need to add a full-time, technical employee to your payroll. We always have eyes on your workstations, end-point devices, and peripherals even when you can’t.  Services include virus protection, monitoring office computers, general help desk support, and more.
The Benefits
No Server costs (initially or replacing for 4 years).

No need for in-house IT staff.

No Microsoft Licensing costs for servers.

Proactive monitoring to identify and correct problems before they cause an issue.

Supports Microsoft, Apple, Unix/Linux operating system.
Multiple environments supported within one solution.

Operating system updates, security patches, and virus protection updates applied for you.

Our Data Center houses servers to ensure your data is always secure and available when you need it.
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