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Offices just like yours are being asked to do more and more with fewer people.  Your business communications such as statements, collection letters, appointment letters, invoices, and other correspondence are the lifeblood of your company, without them customers don’t pay you! While these communications are critical, they are also time-consuming and expensive to produce.  If you handle all your printing and mailing in house you must face issues such as:

Printer and Mail Equipment Leasing, Maintenance, and Upgrades
Training and Retention of Mail Processing Personnel
Disaster Recovery Plans that Include Printing and Mailing Capabilities
Ordering and Warehousing Forms
Structuring Procedures to Receive the Best Postage Discount
Quality Control and Error Detection
Returned Mail Due to Bad Address

These are only a few of the major headaches!
Your Business Need
Our Innovative Solution
Imspro provides affordable solutions for any business that routinely transmits documents by mail. Now you can generate, print, stuff, and mail your documents and correspondence right from your desktop, hassle free. Imspro’s online business services are customized solutions that are tailor made to handle your statements, collection letters, appointment letters, invoices, and any other correspondence.

Imspro provides Print & Mail services that work together to quickly and seamlessly replace your in-house printing and mailing processes.  Our customer-friendly system requires only a quick setup to enable the file upload and associated processing for standard business communications.
Print Set-up
We provide an easy step-by-step process guaranteed to have you outsourcing your printing and mailing quickly.  Including:
A detailed overview of your system and what is needed to print your statements
Personal support to answer any of your questions along the way
A hard copy sample of your statement, letter, or invoice prior to printing
One-on-one customer review
Update reports on your test file as it is being processed

Once your form has been confirmed, you can begin sending your print file daily, weekly, or monthly. Files are transmitted electronically and securely to our data center where your documents are printed and mailed in as little as 24-48 hours.  As part of our standard offering, Imspro provides forms warehousing, standard reporting, CD creation, and other pre and post processing services to create a total print and mail program that is right for you.

Mail Delivery
Imspro is committed to providing your office with accurate and timely delivery of your critical documents, including performing address verification and adding Zip+4 extensions to all of your addresses for reduced postal rates. In addition, we provide NCOA, a change of address service that ensures your mail is delivered to the right address. If the address is not recognized, the piece does not print which saves you considerable time and money.
The Benefits
Eliminate worrisome in-house printing and stuffing.

Ability to focus on core, revenue-generating competencies.

Measurable direct cost savings.

Increased statement integrity and quality.

No more stamping, metering, or inventory management.

Reduce postage cost.

Speed up mail time.

More flexibility.
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