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Your Business Need
Whether you’re collecting on overdue accounts, reminding patients of appointments, or simply spreading the word about new services, your success is directly tied to how many people you’re able to reach – and how much money you spend in the process.

Finding it hard to complete all those reminder calls with your current staff? Isn’t there a quick and effective way to send recall notices or contact past due accounts? Want to remind attendees of an upcoming event and obtain a head count? Imspro’s Automated Messaging System can help you reach any volume of clients within minutes.

Other uses include:
Medical Appointment Reminders
Recall Notices
Balance Due Notifications
Event & Activity Reminders
Service Reminders
Game Cancellations & Delays
Our Innovative Solution
Sending phone reminders to a large group of call recipients using automated technology is gaining popularity, particularly with targeted phone audiences such as clubs, churches, and schools. Reminder systems can be used to send reminders and emergency notices to members of a community during a disaster or emergency alert or simply to send daily reminders for appointments or medication reminders.

With Imspro’s Automated Messaging Service, reminders can be sent to selected groups of customers all at once, outperforming every other method of communication. Want to send a reminder one day ahead? Two days ahead? You tell us when and how often; we work on your schedule.

Our pre-recorded reminder messages can be delivered to both individuals and answering machines. If our voice broadcasting software receives no answer or a busy signal, the phone message can be delivered at a later time.
Call only during the hours you choose.

Caller ID displays your number so recipients recognize your call.

Reschedule/Cancel or Polling options available.
   Example: “ Press 1 to confirm your appointment.”
    Or “Press 3 if you will be able to attend the event.”

Reduces “no-show” rates when used for Appointment Reminders.
Receive a detailed report of all call results daily; report also details any numbers that have been disconnected or never answered.

Delivers to Voice Mail & Answering Machines.

Redials Busy & No-Answers until the set time to stop calling.

Relieve overburdened staff members of phone call duties and have them focus on other areas.  An automated messaging system turns saved staff time into significant cost savings.
The Benefits
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